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Inside The Mouthwatering Decades Pop-Up in Nolita

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Today's the official opening of the Decades and Rent the Runway pop-up shop at 201 Mulberry Street, and if there were ever a time to blow your tax return (presuming you haven't already) on Chanel, Prada, Oscar de la Renta, and more, this is it. We stopped by yesterday afternoon right before it opened up for a special cocktail party, and in between takes for his Bravo show, Decades' Christos Garkinos explained that the shop is basically the incarnation of the ultimate Hollywood closet, come to life in New York.

When you first enter, you'll be greeted by a collection of vintage accessories that Decades has culled for Rent the Runway, which includes Chanel and YSL evening bags and a logotastic Givenchy necklace. There are also a few racks of Rent the Runway's current stock for your perusal, along with a nice little 25% discount applied to all rental purchases.

In the back portion of the shop, Decades has grouped up its collections of vintage and modern finds, all of which you'll probably want to own immediately. Decades carries both "true vintage" and modern-day consignment items, so some things will be considerably older than others. When pointing out the true vintage rack to us, Christos explained that this means the clothes are over 20 years old. After asking our age, he confirmed that this would not apply to our first Marc Jacobs bag, presuming, of course, that at one point in time we've owned a Marc Jacobs bag, and that there have since been more.

And now, let's get into specifics. Front and center, stone necklaces from MRE Jewelry sit right alongside a vanity of Chanel pendants and chain necklaces, most of which are from the '90s. Nearby, two racks of Chanel tweed jackets and blouses are there to taunt you with their $1,000+ price tags.

Next to that, there's a rack stuffed with gowns from Badgley Mischka, Oscar de la Renta, and Carolina Herrera, as well as some shorter-hem options from Phillip Lim and Hervé Léger. Across the room, we spotted plenty of Pucci, some sparkly Balmain, and in the other room, some bright offerings from Marni.

If you're in the market for Prada and/or are going to the Met Ball, the pop-up has you covered with its dedicated "Prada and Schiaparelli-influenced" section. Christos told us that getting your hands on original Schiaparelli is tough (hence, the "inspired" collections), but he did let it slip that they recently sold one for "a lot of money" to a client, so, start placing your bets on what red carpet celebrity that is. (Please, let it be Beyoncé.)

Over onto the rest of the accessories, which are a field day in and of themselves, Decades' bountiful Chanel handbags are on display on a high shelf, perhaps in an effort to keep our grubby little fingerprints off them. There are also plenty of Prada and Balenciaga bags, closer to eye level. The shoe cubbies are filled with Miu Miu, Christian Louboutin, Dior, and more, and in the adjacent room, the slightly-less-pricey Deacdes for Modern Vintage collection awaits.

If all that got your motor running, be sure to swing by before it closes on Saturday at 6pm.
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