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JCPenney Taps Nickelson Wooster as Men's Creative Director

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Nick Wooster via Getty. Somehow, this photo is not from an event promoting sunglasses.
Nick Wooster via Getty. Somehow, this photo is not from an event promoting sunglasses.

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Today in retail news that nobody saw coming: West Village street style star and recent Shopping Confidential subject Nickelson Wooster has been appointed creative director of menswear for JCPenney.

Wooster certainly doesn't look like an executive at a mass-market chain based in Plano, Texas, but the visuals aren't the only reason this news is surprising. Less than a year ago, he told GQ that he was "just an old f—ing midget queen" who'd lucked into his position as men's fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. Two days later, that job abruptly ended. (Oddly, the Post's version of the quote includes the f-word, but it's not in the version GQ has online.)

According to the Post, JCPenney insiders are less concerned with Wooster's outspokenness than with his lack of experience, and they're less concerned about that than about replacing the four top executives recently fired by new JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson. Johnson probably has bigger things on his mind, though. His company is currently being sued by a Tribeca agency who accuses them of ripping off their "Fair and Square" promotion idea.
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