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Lucky for St. Mark's Place, NYC Has No Minimum Piercing Age

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St. Mark's Place via <a href="">Tomas Fano</a>/Flickr
St. Mark's Place via Tomas Fano/Flickr

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Today, the New York Post's resident angry lady Andrea Peyser takes on the subject of piercing parlors on St. Marks Place. Guess how she feels about them: None too pleased.

You have to be 18 or older to get a tattoo in New York City, but there's no minimum age for getting pierced. Peyser talks to one St. Marks shop manager who says he recently met a mom who wanted her 13-year-old daughter's cheeks pierced. He turns away customers under 18, he says, but he knows they'll just go down the street.

According to Peyser, the age of piercing customers has "plummeted" ever since last May, when Fox 5 TV did a story decrying the lack of regulation. Guess tweens do watch TV news after all.
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