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The Line Is Steadily Growing Outside the Jil Sander Sale

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The Jil Sander sample sale is always crowded, but this one should be even crazier than usual, since the fall 2012 collection was designer Raf Simons's last one for the label. Doors open at 10am at 8 Crosby Street in Soho; sale reporter Pam Krywy reports live from the line below.

The line circa 9:10am

7:56am: There are currently five people in line. Jackhammering on Howard Street is super loud. Hope it doesn't last all morning.

8:03am: Another ten people have joined the line. More than half are men.

8:25am: The line has grown to about 25 people, and a couple of them have chairs. Now it's about half men, half women.

9:11am: The line has reached the corner of Howard Street. It's about 80 people long. Meanwhile, we're hearing lukewarm reports from yesterday's VIP preview, especially with respect to menswear. According to Madison Avenue Spy's report from the VIP preview, women's is a better bet: tailored dresses were $157 and silk and cashmere blend sweaters were $127.

9:30am: The sale is officially invite-only, though that hasn't mattered much in past years. A few people in line seem to have invitations, but it seems like many don't.

9:55am: The line has wrapped around the corner. No movement yet.

10:02am: OK, it's officially after 10 and they still haven't opened the door.

10:15am: In! They're not checking invitations.

Jil Sander

8 Crosby Street New York NY