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The Jil Sander Sample Sale: Small Selection, No Restocking

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While our fearless sale reporter heads home to compile a full report on the Jil Sander sample sale, let's go over the basic details to help you decide whether to get in that massive Crosby Street line.

In contrast to previous years, this sale is fairly small, especially the men's section, which consists of cashmere sweaters, a rack of pants, and a rack with a few jackets, all 85% off. The women's pricing is similar, though the selection is bigger. Sizing tends to be either very large or very petite, and because the stock mostly comes from fall/winter 2011, there's a lot of black. Ladies, don't expect a lot of sweaters; they seem to have disappeared since the VIP preview.

The best-selling items by far are the accessories, which are 80% off (85% for shoes and boots.) There too, the sizing favors outliers. Overall, unless you're a die-hard fan, this one might not be worth the trip today, and conditions don't look favorable for later in the week: We're told they won't be restocking.
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