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Yankees Beauty Will Soon Include Something Called 'Teen Wash'

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The New York Yankees just launched two fragrances in February, but it sounds like the Yankees organization is really happy with the products. So happy, in fact, that they're expanding their beauty offerings to include everything from air fresheners to hand sanitizers. Most of the products are "on deck," so you can just covet them until there's a release date. Here are our five favorite new additions:

1. Scented plastic bracelets
Like those Livestrong bracelets that became ubiquitous, the Yankees have a pink one that smells like New York Yankees For Her. Confusing part: though the men's scent is blue, the accompanying scented bracelet is black.

2. Lip gloss
So much for branding: these lip glosses come in either bubble gum or berry flavors. If not for the Yankees logo slapped on the tube, you'd never know these were associated with the team.

3. Kids' bath sets
Staying true to the Yankees tradition of reinforcing gender roles, these kids' bath sets come with a rubber ducky wearing either a pink or blue baseball cap. Sadly, you cannot buy the duckies individually.

4. Scented dog tags
In addition to candles and air fresheners, you can also sport a pink or navy scented dog tag. Or, as they say in Yankee-ese, "fragranced" dog tag.

5. Teen wash
The Yankees are offering a range of scented body washes and lotions, but one of them is inexplicably described as "teen wash." Maybe there's something special about it just for teenagers, but in the meantime we couldn't stop giggling at the product name.
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