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Rumor of the Day: Is Fairway Opening in Kips Bay?

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Could gourmet supermarket chain Fairway be opening in one of the empty spaces at 30th Street and Second Avenue? That's the gossip from multiple sources, including one who says TD Bank and Staples will fill the other two slots.

The Strip Mall of the Damned, as its known, is anchored by the AMC Loews movie theater, but it currently has three major closings now that Borders, Office Depot, and Crunch have closed. We'd heard a few weeks ago that Whole Foods might take over one of the spots, but Fairway is just as plausible, especially since the company is on an expansion kick. (Their newest store, in Little Falls, NJ, will be opening in June.) So far, though, there's no official confirmation. A spokesperson for Fairway says that the chain never comments on a new location until the lease is signed.
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30th Street and Second Avenue, New York NY