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Mulberry's Tote Bags; Molly Ringwald's Breakfast Club Boots

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NEW YORK CITY—Coming this May, eight artists will install their work around Randall's Island in a public art project called Frieze New York. To promote the project, Mulberry will be handing out bespoke tote bags containing newspapers filled with Frieze information and maps. They've also selected local art students to receive tours of the island. The project runs May 4 through 7, with totes available at all three Mulbery boutiques—in Soho, the West Village, and on Madison Avenue—starting April 30. [RackedWire]

EVERYWHERE—Molly Ringwald recently joined Twitter and addressed one of the most enduring questions of the '80s: Where did she get the knee-high boots she wore in The Breakfast Club? The answer will not surprise you: Like most things in the '80s, they can be traced back to Ralph Lauren. [Racked National]

Ralph Lauren - Rhinelander Mansion

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