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American Apparel Sale Extended, Again; A Dog Fashion Show

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CHELSEA—The American Apparel warehouse sale has been extended yet again. It was originally supposed to end in December, and then, it was supposed to end in March. Now, we've been told it'll be staying open until the end of June. Since bathing suit season is right around the corner (who are we kidding—to American Apparel, it's always bathing suit season) this gives you plenty of time to stock up on teeny-weeny lamé bikinis. [RackedWire]

CHELSEA—What's better than dogs in clothes? Why, dogs in clothes at a fashion show, of course. Last night, participants in FIT's pet product design program showed their designs on pups of all sizes at the—wait for it—Barkinistas Unleashed fashion show. Do yourself a pre-weekend favor and click through The Cut's slideshow of the event. [The Cut]

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