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Cashmere Samples Are $35 at the White + Warren Sale

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Cashmere has now become a year-round staple, so it's no surprise that this morning's gloomy weather didn't deter the 50 or so shoppers lined up for the first day of White + Warren's sample sale. The anticipation was palpable as the hour approached 8am, and when the showroom opened, there was a mad dash to the back room that housed the samples.

This is clearly where you can find White + Warren's best deals if you're up for a bit of pushing and shoving. Sample tees are $15, non-cashmere items $25, cashmere $35, and jackets are $40. Unfortunately this sale did not have any of the infamous cashmere slippers, which are a coveted item among White + Warren fans. Pickings were slim in the sample room by the time we left the sale, but everyone seems to hoard at first and then discard so it is still worth a look. For men hoping to get their cashmere fix, we're sorry to say that there is only one sweater available for men. Sorry guys.

In the main room of the sale are hanging racks filled with cashmere trapeze cardigans for $85 (originally $220) ranging from pastels to fall colors, cashmere sweaters for $100 (originally $295), and dresses and bottoms for $40 (originally $100). There is a table filled with brightly colored travel wraps for $150 (originally $295), and cashmere scarves are $100 (originally $185).

In addition to the samples, another one of White + Warren's best buys are their t-shirts and tank tops priced at $25 for one, $30 for two and $40 for three (originally $60 to $80.) As you continue to make your way throughout the showroom, there is a large table divided into cashmere (cardigans, v-neck, and boat-neck sweaters) and non-cashmere items (cotton slub striped crewnecks and v-necks) with White + Warren staff available to help you find your size and/or color. Under the tables are boxes of extra sizes and colors if you don't immediately see what you're looking for. Some items will be restocked throughout the sale.

While there is not a dedicated try-on area and the showroom's windows overlook Bryant Park, there are several mirrors available throughout the space. Check any reservations you may have at the door if you are at all shy about stripping down in front of a bunch of strangers and passersby on W. 40th Street. Racks have been placed in front of the windows, but as the merchandise diminishes, so does window coverage.—Pam Krywy
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