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Lauren Merkin's Bargain Bins Are Back for Another Round

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When the Lauren Merkin sample sale opened at 11am today in the Garment District, about twelve fans were waiting in the hallway to shop bags at 70% off. The Merkin sale veterans among them knew what to expect: a sea of clutches priced roughly around $100, a few bigger bags, and—as the highlight—a table full of bargain bins.

This time around, there were five bargain boxes marked respectively at $30, $40, $50, $60, and $70. They contained past-season and discontinued styles of clutches, and they were each only about half-full, so we'd recommend making them your first stop. Just shop carefully: Some of the fabric bags looked a little smudged.

The rest of the sale is spread out over tables in an alcove to the right of the entrance. Bags are well-tagged, and photos on the walls denote the pricing for most of the styles. The Tatum clutch is $125 (down from $350) in several different colors, including goldenrod tie-dye. The more ladylike Ava clutch runs $100 to $125, depending on fabric (down from $250 to $325.) The soft, contrast-edged Allie is $100 (down from $250.) And the big Blair envelop clutch is $125 (down from $350.) Between the range of shapes, the range of fabrics, and the range of colors, there's something for everyone—or at least everyone who hates straps.

Those who are less talented at balancing a purse under an arm all night will appreciate the table full of tiny bags named after New York City streets, two of which come with dainty metal cords stored inside. The square Ludlow and the gilt-edged Essex, both cross-body styles, were $350 but are now priced at $125. So is the strapless Crosby (was $325), while the plusher Hudson is $110 (was $295).

There aren't a ton of bigger bags, but they're decently priced, with the Paige duffel going for $195 (same as it was last August.) The Juliette is $175—not bad considering that it started at $450 to $525 and was going for $225+ last summer. A couple canvas totes were $20, and the Olivia embossed snake bag was $175 down from $325 and big enough to store your laptop.

On your way out, you'll find small leather goods. Wallets are $40 to $50 (from $175), depending on size. Zip pouches are $25. And passport cases are just $15. The sale runs through Saturday; consult the Dealfeed for hours and more details.
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