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Garance Doré Explains Why She Loves, Hates Sample Sales

Garance Doré, via her <a href="">website</a>
Garance Doré, via her website

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As sample season begins to heat up, let's take a look back at the wise words—and one zany personal anecdote—of Garance Doré. Recently, Doré republished a post from 2007, translated into English for the first time, on how she feels about sample sales. To set the tone, she describes the scene at a Les Prairies de Paris sale:

Yep, the private sales at Les Prairies were totally boot camp. Picture this (and I'm not exaggerating. In my detox week, I've promised to tell everything exactly how it is. It's good karma), 200 half-naked girls squeezed together into 75 square feet. You can't picture it? Make some effort.

After that, she explains what she did with her mouth in an effort to snatch a pair of shoes.

But where is our Garance, you might ask? Good question.

She's on all fours trying to not to get trampled to get a pair of I LOVE NY ballet flats from a bin (Yep, I love NY and AND bins) using only her mouth, as her arms are being used to protect the four dresses she grabbed while leaping ON a clothes rack and ON a girl's shoulders who was trying on I LOVE PARIS boots. From there, I was picturing a hardcore rivalry between the two world capitals and it was only, you might say, one foot away, ahah.

She proceeds to (accidentally) palm the shoe of a nearby shopgirl, thinking it was another ballet flat up for grabs. She leaves with nothing, "piping hot with total disgust for life," and heads to Monop'. There, she finds a shirt she likes and buys it with zero hassle. So how does she feel about sample sales? As the title puts it, it's a "love hate" relationship.
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