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There Are Already Over 100 People Lined Up Outside Jimmy Choo

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It's been years since the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea hosted a Jimmy Choo sale, but today the high-heeled mayhem returns in a shopping event that runs from 2pm to 6pm today and then all day tomorrow (full details this way). Racked reporter Tiffany Yannetta reports live from the line below.

11:58am: Just got here! The sale doesn't start for another two hours, but there's definitely a line. I'd say about maybe 100 or so people are already lined up.

12:00pm: Since I hopped on a few minutes ago, I'd say about 10 more people have joined behind me. It'll probably hit Sixth Avenue really soon.

12:01pm: A lot of people are lining up behind me. We're slowly moving up, but I can't tell if the head of the line is just condensing us.

12:04pm: The line is definitely mostly women, but it looks like there's a few boyfriends along for the ride.

12:05pm: I've probably moved about 15 feet so far. Maybe the line continues insides?

12:07pm: Oh wait! A woman just crossed the street with a brown paper bag! I couldn't see if she came directly out of the sale, but that non-descript paper bag looked like a sample sale bag to me. It seems like either they're letting some people in, or maybe there are some people here for the preview? A small group of girls was just escorted to the front. There's someone up there with a clipboard.

12:12pm: A guy who was standing right in front of me is brazenly inching his way up the line to investigate. His two female friends just joined him.

12:14pm: The guy who snuck up to the front appears to be negotiating with the door man.

12:15pm: Two men just walked out with four shopping bags in total. One was stuffed with handbags.

12:18pm: Yup, there's a private sale going on. They just split the line up into two sides. Public is on the right and private is on the left.

12:19pm: Turns out a lot of these people are here for the private sale. From my position, there are only about 20 people ahead of me in the public line.

12:23pm: Some of these people must be the store's best clients, like the handful of slightly older women near me talking about a silent auction.

12:24pm: Uh, those rain clouds look ominous.

12:25pm: So a staffer just told me private gets let in first, and if it's not too packed they'll let public in earlier.

12:29pm: Raindrops! That's enough to make a few people give up. The funny thing is that it's sunny on Seventh Avenue but cloudy on Sixth.

12:46pm: Not much is happening. I haven't moved and neither has the private line next to me.

12:47pm: I also haven't seen anyone exit recently, but there is a black limo-type car parked by the curb, presumably waiting for someone inside.

12:51pm: The staffer said that the private line sale is being held up because the check-out line up there is packed. I quote, "If anyone is in a rush to be somewhere, the line is gonna be just as long up there." So it looks like the public line isn't getting in any earlier after all.

1:17om: So the private sale is for people who RSVP'd via Jimmy Choo. The line to pay is currently 30 minutes to an hour, and the back of the private sale will probably have to wait outside another 20-30 minutes. Ironically, they're getting drizzled on more than the people in the public sale line.

1:21pm: A woman from the private line was having some trouble understanding that there are two separate lines, and just tried to cut the public line

1:28pm: Someone just came out of the private sale and said it's "garbage" inside, and that the line to pay is "as long as the one out here."

2:17pm: I can see the front now at least! Someone walked by and said the line is wrapped around the block.

2:21pm: I'm in! Stay tuned for the full report.

Update: Here's the early word on the sale from a tipster who went this morning.

Jimmy Choo Fifth Avenue

716 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10065 212-759-7078 Visit Website

Metropolitan Pavilion

123 West 18th Street New York, NY