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Early Word from Inside Jimmy Choo: Lots of Damaged Items

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The first review of the Jimmy Choo sample sale just came in over the wire, and it's...not good. Shoes are around $75 for used, says our tipster, and $200-$250 for new. It's unclear if they're discounting damaged merchandise, but it sounds like maybe they should be. She writes:

About half the merchandise I picked up is damaged. Nearly all of it is dirty. The only real bargains: used shoes. It looks like they have tons of those hideous Uggs. The discounts aren't that good: $450 for a large handbag or $650 if exotic skin. I paid less than that at the end-of-season clearance, which had the same slim selection.She also found some "very Paris Hilton" shades, a few scarves, and small leather goods and key chains for $75. Given that it took us nearly 2.5 hours to get into the sale, it sounds like this one might not be worth the wait.
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