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Inside Madewell's Airstream Trailer, Now Parked at Astor Place

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For a Madewell makeover, head to Astor Place today before 7pm to take a peek inside their vintage Airstream trailer. The mini store on wheels carries denim pants, shorts, and shirts as well as tanks, tees, and button-downs. They also have a selection of accessories including scarves and shoes. You can try on anything you want and have the option of getting your picture taken for Madewell's Facebook page. The point is to give shoppers "the denim experience." In other words, after trying on the clothes in the trailer, you'll want to go buy them all online.

On to the free stuff! There's a braid bar where you can get your hair done in one of three styles. They're also handing out sunglasses with a code on them for 15% off a purchase of $100 or more on the website, plus free shipping. And if you sign into your Facebook account on one of the iPads provided or write out your info, you'll be entered to win a lifetime supply of free jeans (20 pairs). Lastly, in the area around the trailer, there are five golden tickets hidden. Each one is redeemable for a free pair of jeans.—Jamie Cooper
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