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The Jimmy Choo Sample Sale Might Not Be Worth Your Time

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We're back from the Jimmy Choo sample sale and what a whirlwind of emotions that was. For the duration of our two hour queue, we watched people come out with tons of bags and people come out with nothing; we heard the selection was good and then that it was "absolute garbage"; it was sunny, then raining, then sunny again. And now that we're out of there, we can say with certainty that the sale is not that good.

Our tipster who wrote in earlier was definitely right when she said that a lot of the stuff is damaged. Some heels are broken, some bags are dirty, and the overall feeling of the tables of shoes is that they're pretty picked over. Smaller sizes (35.5 and 36) and larger sizes (40 and up) will see the largest selection—but quantity doesn't always mean quality.

Let's start with the small leather goods, since they might be the best things there. Those are all priced at $75, and we spotted lots of credit card cases, change purses, and wallets. Most of these appeared to be in good condition—even suitable for gift giving. The sunglasses are all $50, and there are about four styles to choose from: medium size black frames, very large black frames, white, and clear with rhinestones.

As for the handbags, small bags are $250, medium bags are $350, and large bags are $450. Do note, though, that any exotic skin bag will get $200 tacked onto it at the register, so if you're going to buy one, you may as well buy it in medium or large. The selection here is a little all over the place, but if you're into skins of every color imaginable, then these are your tables. If not, there are a few good basic black medium-size bags to choose from. In the small bag department, we found several navy or red evening clutches, as a bunch in hot pink cheetah.

And now, onto the shoes. Worn shoes (read: damaged) are $75, and new shoes are $225. Like we said above, size 35.5 and 36 have some of the best options. Here, we came across several pairs of kitten heels in bright orange or bright yellow, plenty of nude pumps, one pair of bedazzled Lucite stripper Cinderella shoes, and some questionable satin styles.

On the 37 and 37.5 table, you can find a decent amount of flats, some a little more beat-up than others. Here, our love affair with a pair of light pink platforms ended as quickly as it began—the line to checkout was, reportedly, about an hour, and we were already pretty worn out from the line to get in. The 38, 38.5, 39 and 39.5 tables were probably the most picked over, but a good find or two can be found. It was hard to even get in here, but when we did, we spotted a ton of nude pumps and nude espadrilles, and most of them looked pretty rundown.

Sizes 40 and up seemed to be the least popular among shoppers, so if any of those sizes happen to be yours, you may have some luck. Here, we found basic black and nude flats, a pair of studded charcoal sandals, and patent leather leopard print platforms.

One thing there were plenty off: The Jimmy Choo for UGG collection. They're lining the entire side wall, and well, nobody was over there. There are also a few pairs of Jimmy Choo for Hunter Rain Boots, in case you prefer your Choo collaborations more water-resistant.

While we were on our way out, a staffer told us that they'd be restocking as the day goes on, and they're expecting more boxes to arrive tomorrow, though he thinks they're mostly bags. One word of advice: If you're going to brave it, bring cash. Like we said, the line to check out was insanely long, but cashiers were calling people over who were opting not to use their credit cards.
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