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Steve Madden Is Going for a Double Face Lift in Soho

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The Steve Madden store at 540 Broadway, smack dab in the middle of the Soho shopping mall, is getting a face lift. It's all part of the plan to open a second boutique to the rear at 78 Crosby Street. The new shop, currently the freight entry for the Broadway store, will get stripped of bricks and have a historic restoration to become a Superga outlet, a new place to purchase sneakers as imagined by the Olsen twins.

Did you get all that? Some background: Madden and the Olsens teamed up last year when Mary-Kate and Ashley were tapped to become creative directors of Superga, with one goal to get goodies into specialty boutiques. The twins are now showing off some of their latest ideas for chic shoes, including versions in cashmere and linen, which should wear really well on the gritty streets of downtown.

For the ragged front of the Broadway store, the plan is to reform the facade and clean things up. This new look fits right in with the recent opening of a big store at Fifth and 42nd, where the interior is covered in gold leaf and graffiti. That artsy angle might be of little solace to street artists who have long used Madden's back door as an easel to express themselves. Once the Superga gets going that option will be gone, as will the opportunity for Uniqlo Soho associates who use Madden's stoop to sneak a smoke.
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