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And Now, Four of the Most Unusual Spa Week Deals

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Now that we've gone over some of Manhattan's pricer spa treatments, it's time to delve into things that are slightly more affordable. If you're unwilling to spend $450 on "Photo Rejuvenation," then Spa Week is probably much more your speed. Beginning on April 16th, a plethora of deals on facials, massages, and more will all become available for you to indulge in. We've rounded up four of most unusual offerings and put them after the jump.

Spa: Luminesa Medi-Spa
Treatment: 55-minute Sudatonic Body Slimming Treatment
Normal Price: $200/session
Spa Week Deal: $50

Normally, this service would set you back $200 a session (or $1,720 for a package of ten), but during Spa Week, you can have Luminesa Medi-Spa's Far Infrared technology slim you down for a fourth of the price. The treatment, which sounds a little confusing, will give you "circumference reduction of your hips, legs, waist and thighs with the Far Infrared technology and other "unique cosmeticeuticals."

Spa: Advanced Skin Care Day Spa
Treatment: Antioxidant Exfoliating Peels with LED Light Therapy, Choice of Pomegranate or Blueberry Smoothie
Normal Price: LED Facial, $120, Blueberry or Pomegranate Peel, $75
Spa Week Deal: $50

No, the smoothie is not for you to sip on while the LED lights get to work on your face. Instead, it's for an antioxidant facial therapy that will even out the top layers of your skin and stimulate collagen. If you're thirsty afterwards, there's a Jamba Juice a few blocks away.

Spa: Aroma Day Spa
Treatment: 45 Min Organic Tropical Oasis Cranberry Fruit Polish
Normal Price: $95.00
Spa Week Deal: $50

Even though this sounds like it might be an Essie manicure, the cranberry polish is actually a de-aging saltmousse that removes impurities and toxins. The website explains that as the salt dissolves, "tropical fruit extracts are quickly absorbed." No word on how deep that absorption goes, though. If you're not afraid of walking around town and smelling like a fruit all day, this could be the deal for you.

Spa: Ayromist Electrolysis
Treatment: Eyelash Extensions
Normal Price: Full Set, $185
Spa Week Deal: $50

If you're in the market for thicker eyelashes, you can get 70 of them for just $50 with Ayromist Electrolysis' Eyelash Extension special. The lashes are semi-permanent, and they'll last about four to six weeks—depending on your lashes' natural life cycle and, as their website puts it, "other factors." For $50, hopefully "other factors" doesn't include blinking or winking too hard.

Spa: Tribeca Beauty Spa
Treatment: The Essentials Package: Brazilian Wax and Perfect Pedi
Normal Price: Brazilian Wax, $60/$75, Pedicures start at $35
Spa Week Deal: $50

Bonus: There's nothing wacky or unusual about this deal, but we're adding it in because it's probably the most practical of all. You won't walk away from it five pounds lighter or get slathered in an exotic plant, but you will have a smooth nether region and nicely polished toes.

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