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The Wait for Marni x H&M at the Fifth Avenue Store: 2.5 Hours

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Quirky Italian label Marni is beloved by serious fashion fans, but as H&M partners go, it's a lot less mainstream than, say, Versace. How crazy will this morning's collection launch be? Tiffany Yannetta reports live from the scene below.

8:38am: Just got here! There's a line outside of the store that wraps slightly around Fifth Avenue, but you have to walk inside to get assigned a time slot and a bracelet.

8:40am: My time is 11:05! The people lined up outside the store are people with the earlier time slots.

8:41am: Three women just walked out with eight or ten bags between them!

8:44am: One of the H&M ladies in charge told me that about 60 people were camped out overnight.

8:45am: There's also a news crew here! They're interviewing people as they leave.

8:47am: I just spoke with two guys who lined up at 4am. They both only had about three or four bags between them but they both said that they got a lot of stuff and that it was totally worth it. They also both told me that it's very civilized inside! Which is a surprise.

8:50am: They just let in the next batch! As a reminder, you'll have 15 minutes to shop, and both men's and women's are getting bracelets this time around.

8:53am: As for the crowd, it looks like mostly kids in there twenties but there were definitely two older European ladies ahead of me in line to get the bracelet.

8:56am: It's really nice out so no one really seems mad to be outside waiting. In my opinion, the crowd seems to be a lot tamer than Versace, and everyone's walking out pretty happy.

8:58am: I just spoke with an older man who came out with a ton of bags. He said he lined up at 3:30 and was in the second group. He was shopping mostly for his wife! She told him her size (she told him two sizes just in case!) and he grabbed whatever he could. He said a lot of the sizes already are starting to disappear. He mentioned there were several things already not in size 4.

8:59am: Also, I've spotted my first baby in a stroller on line.

9:03am: A staffer in a Marni T shirt just got on a megaphone to tell everyone in the next group that they'll be entering soon, and that when they get in, no pushing or shoving.

9:19am: OK, I'm inside the store now trying to scope out the shopping area! It's pretty sectioned off. They've put up glass walls with logoed paper over it, so you can't look inside.

9:23am: There's a rope and a bouncer blocking it off, and there's a DJ booth on the other side.

9:25am: Looks like that's all I can see for now. I'll be back for my 11:05 time-slot.

Head this way for a report on the collection from last night's preview. We'll have an update on what's left after 11:05.