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What Went Fast at the Marni x H&M Preview: Almost Everything

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One thing we learned yesterday: Fashion insiders are crazy for Marni x H&M. The preview party had barely started last night before all the jewelry disappeared, and the womenswear went soon after. The Shophound, sounding mildly shell-shocked, writes:

The general M.O. was apparently to load one's arms or H&M shopping bag with as much as stuff as possible and then either try things on or find a spot in the store to sit down and sift through one's findings while guarding the pile of goods like a feral cat.Part of the appeal was undoubtedly Marni's high-fashion credibility, but the quality of the production also had something to do with it. While a few of the men's shirts felt like tarps, and the women's leather top is a lot shinier than it looks in photos, the silk dresses are genuinely silky. And little details, like the pajama-esque edging on some of the shirts, make this collection feel like it was assembled with more care than certain collabs of years past.
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