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Marni x H&M: What's Left at the Fifth Avenue Flagship

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It's been a Marni-heavy morning, so let's wrap up with a look at the selection in the Fifth Avenue flagship as of our 11:05am shopping slot. First off, don't even bother with accessories: All those chunky bracelets and necklaces were long gone. That said, there are still some shoes hanging around in the back.

The women's section was pretty decimated, though we did see lots of the purple embroidered skirt and the full skirt with the green print. The latter had a few matching vests available, but only in size 4 and 6. Other tops included the plastic-feeling leather t-shirts, which were disappearing fast, and some printed tanks. Only three pairs of leggings were left, and the pink shorts remained only in larger sizes. Men will have better luck: We found tons of windbreakers and button-downs, as well as a decent amount of parkas and striped sweaters.

Staffers were working hard to replenish the merchandise. We watched one poor guy appear with an armful of clothing that got pillaged before he could reach the racks. Marni Madness has definitely gotten ahold of some shoppers: One woman tried desperately to buy our wristband with only a minute left in the designated time slot, and the hungry way she stared at it made us mildly concerned for our safety. Luckily, we managed to escape with both our arms intact.
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