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DSW Opens 34th Street Store, Upper West Side Store to Follow

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Image courtesy of DSW
Image courtesy of DSW

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While most of the city was camped outside of various H&Ms this morning, DSW was busy hosting the grand opening of its new store on 34th Street, which from the looks of the photo above, is pretty massive. Back in February, we had gotten wind that DSW would be swooping into the former home of Filene's Basement's on Broadway and 79th Street, as confirmed by store reps to DSW. Now, via news from a press release, we see that they've decided to spring up a Herald Square store while waiting for the UWS location to be built.

So far, the reaction to the new store has been pretty serious. Over on the brand's Facebook page, commenters are going just crazy about it (see: "THREE floors of shoeliciousness?!") As for the Upper West Side store, which is likely to spark a similar frenzy, expect that one to open up this summer. Just in time for discounted sandal season.
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