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Hermès Has Reportedly Decided to Forgo Its March Sample Sale

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Every year, Hermès holds two sample sales, but Mizhattan reports that this time around, there may only be one. According to her sources, Hermès will be skipping their March sale event this year. She adds: "Though it hasn't been confirmed whether Hermès will host a sample sale later this spring, the March sale is a definite no-go."

So now, let's speculate as to why. She points out, and we remember all too well, that there was a definite lack of merchandise at the most recent sale in September. As in, there was a very strictly enforced one scarf per person rule. So while this is probably a sign that business is booming for the luxury retailer, it's also one giant bummer for anyone who really still wants the Garden Tote, a guaranteed fixture at the sale.
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