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Queens Wedding Photographer Accused of Photoshop Revenge

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Queens couple Edward and Camile Handy have a wedding photography disaster story to rival any and all wedding photography disasters. According to the Post, the newlyweds hired the company Glamour Me Studio to shoot their wedding, and expected to receive a 60-picture album and one video for the sum of $5,443.74. The Handys claim that they didn't get the video, and instead, the Post says they got a Photoshopped photo of themselves posted on the Internet. In it, Edward's face was allegedly cut-and-pasted onto a "curvy blonde," and Camile's "beaming face" was cropped "atop a nearly naked woman." And somewhere along the line, Edward was referred to as a sex offender and his home address was listed.

The article explains that the "bizarre online smear campaign" came to be after Edward took to a website called to complain about the subpar work from Glamour Me. And because things of this nature will always start on the Internet and continue on the Internet, Glamour Me head honcho John Vizcarrondo posted a response in which he blamed the Handys for the missed deadlines. We were hoping this saga would eventually fulfill its true destiny and make its way onto an episode of Judge Judy, but it looks like the Handys are sticking with the Brooklyn Supreme Court for now.
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