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Free Game of Thrones Tattoos Draw a Crowd of Superfans in Soho

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The first three people waiting in line for free Game of Thrones tattoos at the Wooster Street Social Club this morning had all arrived at 2am, and they all wanted the Baratheon stag. Which is an interesting move, since the Baratheons aren't necessarily the books' most obvious heroes.

In general, the fifty-odd fans lined up on Wooster had a wide range of reasons for which of the five tattoos—representing the show's five main households—they wanted to get. Favorite characters, house history; one woman said she hated dragon-keeping teen queen Daenerys but was getting a dragon tattoo because she liked Daenerys's feuding, incestuous relatives. Another said she'd been watching the show for exactly two days but liked Ned Stark enough that she'd decided to get the Stark family wolf as her first tattoo.

The five designs were all created by Wooster Street's Ami James, star of the TLC reality show NY Ink. He worked up stylized versions of the house crests designed by HBO for the show, which means that yes, in a way, all the superfans were there to get an HBO tattoo. But the series pretty obviously meant more to most of them than just TV entertainment. Some had decided to get a Game of Thrones tattoo long ago and were just taking advantage of the opportunity to get one for free. And majority of line-waiters told us they'd loved the books for years—even the ones who'd only decided yesterday to get a sigil permanently etched on their arms.
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