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Just In From Down Under: Zimmermann Lands in Soho

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We hope you're ready to start bathing suit shopping, because Zimmermann's first stateside store has arrived at 87 Mercer Street. We popped in this afternoon while the finishing touches were being applied, and talked to Simone Zimmermann about how they chose the location. Put pretty simply, she explained: "For us, you know—it's Mercer Street. There's cobblestone, it's near Spring Street?it's fantastic."

Inside, the focus is definitely on the clothes. There's no elaborate decor, with the exception of bright green chairs and a sculpture hanging from the ceiling reminiscent of an extra-large piñata. Simone told us, "We wanted to make the most of the space and where it is. The collections themselves have a lot of print and a lot of color, so really when we build a store we try and house it in such a way that it kind of illuminates what the clothing is." One other thing she brought with her from Australia, besides the lacy rompers, maxi dresses, and bikinis: the sales associates. Zimmermann's staff is a handful of adorable Aussies, who will probably charm the pants off you (they'll help you find new ones, don't worry) and convince you to buy out the entire store.
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