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The Daily Show Takes on the Park Slope Food Coop's Israel Vote

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Last night, over 1,600 members of the Park Slope Food Coop met at Brooklyn Technical High School to debate a ban on Israeli products. Actually, they were voting on whether or not to hold a future vote. If the anti-hummus faction won, the Coop would ask all of its members—not just the ones who show up at meetings—to vote on whether they supported the boycott.

Ultimately, the group decided not to hold a referendum, which means the Israeli products are staying on the shelves, at least for now. But before the issue could be settled, there was much debate, the most surreal moments of which were captured by Reuters editor Chadwick Matlin on his Twitter feed. (Choice quote: "I actually have a CD about hummus, that's how much I love hummus.") If you're looking for more details about how the meeting went down, Matlin has a post on Daily Intel.

The Daily Show also filmed a clip explaining the conflict. Note that this aired last night, before the vote was decided.

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