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Hello Kitty x Ladurée: Limited Edition and Very Sweet

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Hello Kitty and Maison Ladurée are a perfect match: They're both unabashedly feminine, they both love to collaborate with other companies, and they both exist in the fashion sphere without actually making clothes. The two brands have come together for a series of limited-edition confections on sale at Ladurée's Madison Avenue boutique.

The macarons don't actually resemble Hello Kitty—they're not, like, cat-shaped or anything—but they do come in boxes with Kitty packaging. Chose between one of four sizes, ranging from six macarons (for $20) to 19 (for $55, and probably only for fanatics.) If you're over macaron fever, there's also a box of Hello Kitty chocolates for $35.
· Ladurée [Official Site]

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