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Sold Out in Soho: Cardboard Cutouts of The Hunger Games Guys

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Anyone who's trying to avoid the Katniss-crazed hordes this weekend should probably stay away from Soho. The creative director of Scholastic, which published all three Hunger Games books, tells the Daily News that fans have been amassing outside the brick-and-mortar store on Broadway. "They’re flocking outside," he said, "staring in the window and talking and tweeting." (Kids today: Always with the tweeting.)

Nobody from Scholastic is complaining, though. Sales are up at the shop, and not just for books. A $12.95 Mockingjay pin has been the store's biggest seller for the past two weeks. And life-sized cardboard cutouts of Peeta and Gale have already sold out, so you're just going to have to find another way to decorate your shrine at home.
· Frenzy for "The Hunger Games" boosts sales at Scholastic's store [NYDN]


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