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Sephora Is Launching a Tangerine Pop-Up on Ninth Avenue

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Sephora has teamed up with the color experts at Pantone on a beauty line based around "Tangerine Tango," the official hue of 2012. Starting tomorrow, they'll spend eight days promoting the collection at temporary store just up the street from their Meatpacking District location.

The Sephora + Pantone Universe pop-up is a citrus-splashed wedge in the middle of Chelsea Plaza, the pedestrian walkway on Ninth Avenue north of 14th Street. From afar, it looks like a set of oversized Pantone paint swatches. Up close, it's a glowing cavern stocked with bold beauty products, like tangerine crème lipstick ($18 and seriously saturated) and orange-flecked false eyelashes ($28 for a set). Lashes aside, it's all surprisingly wearable, and there are Sephora staffers on hand to offer advice and impromptu color application. Every item in the shop is for sale, or at least will be tomorrow; the staffers carry mobile POS units so they can check you out on the spot.

Lisa Herbert, Vice President of the Fashion, Home, and Consumer Division at Pantone, says that the company spoke to Sephora about planning a collection long before tangerine started appearing on the runway. Pantone's experts pick their Color of the Year after studying color trends in both culture and current events. (Believe it or not, news photographs of disasters are included in the latter category—Herbert says the earthquake in Haiti was one influence.)

Once a color emerges as a contender, it sticks around for a while. Herbert says reddish-oranges will remain in fashion through 2014. As for the Sephora collection, it'll remain in stores throughout the rest of the year, although it will shift as 2012 progresses. Sephora plans to produce summer, fall, and holiday collections that put tangerine—usually a warm-weather color—in a more seasonal context.
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