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Brooklyn Judge Tosses American Apparel Sex-Slave Lawsuit

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Image via Getty

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Just over a year ago, Dov Charney was hit with a lawsuit alleging that he'd sexually assaulted a teenaged American Apparel employee. Now, DNAinfo reports that a Brooklyn judge has officially dismissed the suit because it was already sent to arbitration in California.

In her suit, Irene Morales, onetime manager of the American Apparel in Chelsea, accused Charney of harassing her when she was 17, assaulting her shortly after she turned 18, and forcing her to continue a sexual relationship with him for eight months. Her case was undermined after the appearance of risque emails and photos she allegedly sent to Charney. Justice Bernadette Bayne didn't comment at all on the validity of the case, but she did agree with Charney's lawyer that she couldn't overrule the California court.
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