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Diptyque Sale Update: Minimal Candles, Lots of Room Sprays

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The Diptyque sale that was unexpectedly cancelled yesterday due to the intense crowd that migrated to the building for scented candles reopened today at 225 Fifth Avenue, and several of our readers have since let us know what's left to pick up.

One commenter explained that at the close of the sale yesterday there was a "fair amount of stock, but limited scents." For room sprays, the scents available included: Myrrh, Thé, Feu de Bois, Ambre, Cyprès, Patchouli, Oranger, Santali, Pin Sylvestre, and Galliano. However, our commenter also added: "I saw no coffrets left. Candles were very picked over. Unless you wanted pine/spiced plum, in which case there were lots."

On the conditions of this morning's reopening, another reader wrote in and explained, "By 9:08am this morning, all the 'desirable' candles both large and small were gone. The first group of 20 people in were like wild dogs around a carcass—filling multiple boxes with 20 or 30 candles each." However, "If you like the holiday candles or room sprays, it's worth a try. Otherwise pass."

Another tipster said, "I was impressed they still had Baies and Feu de Bois candles. People were diving for them so not sure how much will be left by now, but if you want room sprays or colognes, they have tons—in many popular scents." So what have we learned here, throughout all of this? That people absolutely love Diptyque, that they prefer the candles, but will also go for room sprays as a close second.
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