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Shoppers Wait in Line for One-Dollar Club Monaco on 36th Street

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Prices at the Club Monaco sale in the Garment District start $1, so naturally there's a crowd of people waiting for the doors to open at 11am. Tiffany Yannetta reports live from the scene below.

10:31am: Hey! I'm here and there's a line, maybe 40 or so people?

10:38am: There's a bunch of guys in line. It actually looks like it might be 50/50 guys and girls.

10:39am: So far not too much is happening. I'm directly in the way of the Honduras Consulado.

10:40am: Since I've hopped on line, ten or more people have joined behind me. I'd say there's about 50 people or so now.

10:41am: It's pretty quiet. Everyone around me is here alone. It's not a lot of groups.

10:43am: The woman behind me doesn't quite seem sure why she's here but I told her it's a sample sale so now she's pretty into it.

10:46am: The people at the front of the line look like they're getting a little antsy. A security guard just asked us to move closer to the curb...

10:47am: ...presumably so as not to block the Bamboo Jeans and Evita storefronts.

10:48am: More people have joined the line!

10:51am: There are also so many people going in and out of the Consolado.

10:54am: A security guard just walked by. He appears to be doing a head count which I'm taking to mean it's almost time!

10:57am: Three more minutes! So far no sign of movement upfront.

10:59am: We're moving!

A view of the line circa 11am:

11:00am: Fifteen or so people just headed inside. Somehow I only seemed to have moved a few steps, though.

11:04am: We've moved again! I can't see how many people are being let in at a time but it seems pretty steady.

11:05am: There are about 20 people ahead of me. They're letting five in at a time.

11:08am: We've been yelled at again to get closer to the curb. The security guard does not appear to be enjoying the lovely weather.

11:10am: I'm in the building now!

Update: Here's our complete look at pricing and selection.