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How to Spend $100 at One Bodega: The Haul Video

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You know the haul video, that YouTube phenomenon in which someone—usually a teen girl—explains every single thing purchased on a shopping spree? We decided to make one for Bodega Week. So we gave comedian Halle Kiefer a shopping challenge: Spend $100 in one bodega, then make a video about it.

Halle chose New York Village Deli on First Avenue. She reports that the guys behind the counter were totally unfazed by her shopping spree. "When I went in there, I thought I would sort of have to explain myself, like maybe the people in there would be weirded out that I was spending $100. Nope. They couldn't have cared less." They did seem slightly surprised when she bought one of every single kind of condom, though.

In case you're curious, here's her entire $100 haul:
· Date cookies
· Cafe Bustelo
· Gravy Master
· Moist & Meaty
· Cat Café cat food
· Religious candles
· Cupcake liners
· Sparkling laxative
· After-shave
· Power Zen male sexual performance enhancer
· Weekend Prince male sexual performance enhancer
· Krazy Glue
· Four different kinds of condoms, including Magnums
· Laundry starch
· Expired clam juice
· Sardines
· Baby food (creamy chicken noodle dinner, two varieties)
· Tender Nibbles cat food
· Tender Carvings cat food
· Tuna
· Corned beef hash
· Nice 'n' Fluffy drier sheets
· Patriotic socks
· Kleenex
· 5-Hour Energy Drink

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New York Village Deli

39 First Avenue New York NY