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The American Apparel Warehouse Sale Is Still Going in Chelsea

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The American Apparel warehouse sale in Chelsea was originally scheduled to end in late December, but three months later, it's still going. An American Apparel rep tells us that the company hasn't turned it into a permanent store; in fact, right now the projected end date is March 31st. They're hoping to stay longer, though whether they do might depend on the landlord's prospects for finding a more stable tenant. At one point, the space was occupied by Gracious Home, but it's also been a Halloween pop-up shop.

For now, American Apparel seems to have settled in. The sale has the feel of a company outlet, with racks upon racks of stock and regular specials (15% off different items, depending on the day of the week.) Based on a visit earlier this week, swimwear might be your best bet; stock was abundant, cheap, and pretty wearable, three categories that are tough to find now that the resort sales have mostly ended.
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