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Friday's Bodega Cat Has a Bed in the Corner of the Store

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In the grand tradition of Store Sidekicks, our occasional look at pets who live in shops, we'll be covering bodega cats all week long. Know a kitty we should feature? Email us photos at Note: Since pets in bodegas are technically illegal, we're leaving out identifying details to keep the store owners from getting fined.

In honor of bodega cats and their feline compatriots around the city, we're wrapping up the week by making a $500 donation to City Critters. It's a cat rescue organization that aims to improve the lot of homeless animals through facilitating adoptions, encouraging spaying and neutering, and educating the public. If you've enjoyed this week's bodega cat coverage, we'd encourage you to donate as well.

We snapped this bodega cat in the corner of a Carroll Gardens grocery. She was sleeping, but as soon as we approached, she woke up and started to vamp for the camera.
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