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Four and a Half Fashion Fixes Found in Your Local Bodega

Images via Flickr
Images via Flickr

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Everyone knows that bodegas are convenient, but did you know they also sell life savers? We don't mean candy Life-Savers (although they carry those too), but they've got your back in a fashion emergency pinch. After the jump, we give you some of the simplest day-to-day snafus that seem to happen at the most inconvenient times and the convenient bodega fare that saves the day. Fair warning: There is nothing glamorous about any of them.

1) Soda Water. Let's say some subway mystery goo (you know, the kind that somehow remains in a constant state of sticky and crusty despite, like, physics) has attached itself your pants. Sometimes, as much as you attack the stain with a Tide-To-Go Stain Remover Pen, that gunk isn't going anywhere. That's when you head to the aisle with the soda water, the tried 'n true stain removal big guns. It works for red wine, dark sodas, and blood, among other substances threatening to dishevel your outfit. Also, unlike Tide-To-Go, this classic fix is sure to be stocked at all kinds of corner stores. You'll find soda water at fancy markets, but you'll also find it at creepy bodegas sitting next to 30-year-old Jujubes and 60-year-old Ron, the uni-browed regular who never speaks. Just stares.

2) Super Glue. In a perfect world, shoes would last forever. In the same perfect world, everyone could afford really good shoes that last forever. But whether your shoes are "high" or "low," walking all day, everyday in your favorite pair can take its toll. If a sole has come loose or clasp no longer clasps, Super Glue (a.k.a Krazy Glue, Gorilla Glue) can hold everything down until more lasting repairs can be had.

3) Baby-Wipes. This one's fairly straight-forward. Baby wipes are good for deodorant stain removal, sweat removal, make-up removal on face or clothes, etc. And while we're on the topic of things that belong on babies, remember that baby powder can de-grease your hair. Dust a very small handful onto your roots and work into scalp until no Cruella streaks remain. Then use baby-wipes to clean up rogue powder.

4) Clear Nail Polish. It's the infamous mortal enemy to tight runs, but clear nail polish has a couple other below the knee fixes. Brush a bit on the bottom of a slick shoe sole to increase traction, and reduce humiliation potential. Also, if you have a blister that hasn't popped, dab nail polish on it to cut down on chafing. And go ahead and add "Achilles tendon" to the list of places you never thought you'd put nail polish.

4.5) Lottery Tickets. Funding fashion is hard. Win big and take us with you on the shopping spree.
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