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Vena Cava's Lisa Mayock on Dressing Up Like a Bodega

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While bodegas are an essential part of New York's retail landscape, they don't have much to do with fashion—other than, say, keeping Betsey Johnson stocked with Equal, or helping Chris Benz stay properly caffeinated. When we decided to do Bodega Week, we figured the fashion elements would be tangential at best.

But it turns out that there is was one recent point of overlap between the humble local convenience store and the world of New York City clothing design: Halloween 2008, when Lisa Mayock of Vena Cava dressed up as a bodega. Below, she answers all our questions about her costume.

How did you make the costume?
I used a giant black t-shirt, a cut-up, spray-painted box to make the hat, colored plastic to cut into a "Grand Opening" flags, and lots of packets of Goya seasoning, condoms, chips and snacks, those weird vitamins for sexual prowess, and international phone cards. And a tiny speaker to play La Mega and Hot 97.

What kind of reactions did you get?
People really liked it! I made about $8 selling my wares that night.

Did you wear it into any bodegas?
Yes. I had to go there. I wanted to make a sale inside another bodega, but didn't want to piss off the owners...

Was it hard to wear? Did you wear it on the subway or in a cab?
I wore it on the subway and to several really crowded parties, which was tough. I'm very petite, so that hat was hitting everyone in shoulders or face most of night. But I made up for it with free snacks. You can really get away with a lot when you give drunk people snacks.
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