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DVF For Gap Kids Is Going Fast on Fifth Avenue

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This morning, we swung by the Gap on Fifth Avenue to check out what's left of the DVF for Gap Kids collection. A staffer told us that people had lined up as early as 8am for the launch, and that the stock was dwindling. Though the room looked full when we were there—most items were hanging in groups of at least five or six—the employees let us know that most of what they had was out. We were told, however, that whatever items were plentiful on the floor were most likely the items they might have backstock in, and we did see two employees busily replenishing some of the merchandise.

So let's just get this one thing out of the way: However teeny you might be, the lemon leggings will not fit you. We already learned this at the launch party, but figured we'd try again. That being said, if your child would like the lemon leggings, there are plenty of them, in various sizes, as well as the matching tank top.

The wrap dresses were going fast, but we did see a few of the Ming Jade green-printed wrap, and a large selection of the Multifloral in girl's sizes. The DVF logo-emblazoned tanks were everywhere, as well as the white cardigans with black trim, in a solid size run-through. Also available: plenty of the green-heart printed tops.

As far as shoes and accessories go, there were a handful of sandals still available, as well as a bunch of toddler hats and, omg, round circle sunglasses. For anyone unfamiliar with the labyrinth that is the Gap Fifth Avenue, to get to the designated DVF space you must ride the escalator to the second floor, take the elevator down to the first level, and tell an employee the secret password (It's lollipops.). Just kidding—there's no password, but the route to get there is seriously circuitous.

As for timing: There was definitely one woman loading up three shopping totes, so you might wanna get down there ASAP if you're hoping to buy something. Or you can head to the 15+ other local Gaps that are carrying it; go here to see Gap's store locator, and click on "DVF for Gap Kids: See the Store List" to view the list in its entirety. Also an option: shopping it online.
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