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The Project Runway All Stars Sale: Small But Fun

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When we arrived at the Project Runway All Stars sample sale today, we were greeted by twenty-five other shoppers, Marie Antoinette, and two giant rabbits. It turns out that designer Kara Janx, who is hosting the sale, has a studio attached to a costume shop. This fun welcome set the tone for the sale. The clothing was colorful, Kara and the shoppers were all in good moods, and everyone was excited to get a chance to buy clothing by some of their favorite Project Runway designers.

There have been a lot of rumors circulating about the sale, so here's the deal. The sale is small, with just a few racks of clothing—including pieces by Kara Janx, Michael Costello, Rami Kashu and Jerrell Scott. Mondo Guerra and Austin Scarlett will not be selling any of their pieces at the sale, but both of them will be stopping by today to lend support and say "Hi" to their fans. So if your heart is really set on owning clothing by one of them, maybe you can ask them about it. Also, the always-friendly Kara will be manning the register all day, and from what we could see, she's happy to give styling tips, talk Project Runway and pose for photos.

The largest percentage of the clothing comes from the Kara Janx line, and they have the best prices. All her pieces, including gorgeous, brightly colored silk dresses and tops, run between $25 and $100. We saw garments in all sizes, but more on the smaller end. Kara's feminine designs were very popular with the shoppers, as were Rami Kashou's. We met one woman who had never been to a sample sale before. She told us that she just wanted to pick up some Rami pieces because she thought they'd be collectible. Rami's prices range between $100 and $300, and his sizes also tend towards small. We didn't spot anything with his legendary draping, but his styles were pretty and the construction was extremely good.

There is about half a rack of Michael Costello's garments, including the sale's only sweaters. Michael's prices range from $100 to $200. This includes a few of his draped pieces, but none of his trademark gowns. As for Jerrell, if you liked his sundress styles on the show, you're in luck. The sale includes a half a rack of those designs. His short dresses are selling for $125 and his long ones are $150.

Note: The sale ends at 6pm today. There will be some replenishing of stock, but not much, so get there as soon as you can. There are also fitting rooms, so although some of the garments aren't sized, you can try everything on.
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