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Wednesday's Bodega Cat Was Adopted into a Good Home

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In the grand tradition of Store Sidekicks, our occasional look at pets who live in shops, we'll be covering bodega cats all week long. Know a kitty we should feature? Email us photos at Note: Since pets in bodegas are technically illegal, we're leaving out identifying details to keep the store owners from getting fined.

We've covered a cute bodega cat and a fat bodega cat, so now let's turn our attention to another classic NYC phenomenon: the adopted bodega cat. Delhi doesn't live in a bodega anymore, but the photos above were taken shortly after he was born in one. Writes his owner: "After our cat jumped out the window and died from his injuries, I commiserated with the man working at our corner deli because he has a nice cat. He told me that in another deli that he is associated with they had a cat who would be giving birth soon and we could have a kitten. We got Delhi two years ago. He has 22 toes, one more on each foot, and we think he is swell."
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