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Tuesday's Bodega Cat Is Williamsburg's Biggest Mouser

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In the grand tradition of Store Sidekicks, our occasional look at pets who live in shops, we'll be covering bodega cats all week long. Know a kitty we should feature? Email us photos at Note: Since pets in bodegas are technically illegal, we're leaving out identifying details to keep the store owners from getting fined.

Today's bodega cat lives in a store on Lorimer Street in Williamsburg, where it was spotted by two different Racked readers. Both of them included essentially the same note: "Fattest cat ever." Added one: "The scoop on this cat is that it's not very friendly. When I tried to pet it, it walked over and sat in a corner with its face towards the wall." Then again, if you were that massive, would you bother making friends with mere humans?
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