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Lauren Moffatt's Favorite Bodega Is Known as the "Chip Window"

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This week, Shopping Confidential morphs into Bodega Confidential, in which some beloved local designers tell us about their favorite convenience stores around the city.

Lauren Moffatt launched her line in the year 2000, back when she was living in a sailboat docked on the Hudson River. She's since moved to dry land, and now her highly wearable, vintage-inspired little dresses and tops are stocked in stores like Anthropologie, Barneys, and Steven Alan. Here's where she and her staff go for snacks:

Our favorite bodega is Ratan News, 171 West 29th Street. We actually didn't even know the name of until today because we always call it the "Chip Window." They sell Lotto tickets, bins of candy (go here for your 5 cent double bubble), and all the chips you would like behind a sliding door of bullet-proof glass. We've been going here for years to get our daily chip fix.
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Ratan News

171 West 29th Street New York NY