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A Candle-Hungry Crowd Queues Up Outside Diptyque's Sale

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In the past, Diptyque's sales have drawn crazed crowds, but it's been a while since the candle company held one that was publicly advertised. Will this morning's sale be as frenzied when it kicks off at 9am? Tiffany Yannetta reports live from the scene below.

8:40am: Good morning! I just got here. I'd say there's about 25 people in line ahead of me.

8:42am: It's mostly women, but there are a few guys up at the front.

8:50am: About 20 or so more people have hopped on behind me—20 or so more adults and one baby in a stroller.

8:55am: No sign of any movement yet up front, but people are shifting a little closer and now I can confirm that there is definitely a handful of men in the first part of the line.

8:56am: It's not raining yet but it is a little misty. People in line are generally pretty quiet and subdued.

8:59am: We're moving!

9:00am: About half of the line made it inside. And the line's definitely longer now. Maybe 30-40 or so people are behind me.

9:01am Oh, I'm going inside now!

9:02am: Spoke too soon. They stopped the line right before me.

9:03am: It seems like the only reason they're not letting everyone in at once is because of the elevator. People who work in the building are asking, "Are they taking up all the elevators?"

9:04am: It also seems that most of the employees have no idea the sale is happening!

9:05am: I'm still waiting outside. It seems that they're letting about ten in the elevator at a time. Side note: The guard has really nice hair.

9:06am: Inside! About to get on the elevator. There's maybe ten people with me. Oh, the suspense!

9:07am: Be prepared for a very slow elevator.

9:08am: The employee who got stuck in the elevator with us looked less than thrilled.

9:09am: There's another line! But: It smells amazing up here.

9:10am: There's like eight different types of scents happening right now. The baby in the stroller has now joined the line. I'd say there are 15ish people in front of me (which now includes the people who were standing behind me outside, somehow.)

9:11am: The staffer just informed us that they will be giving out boxes to put purchases in, and to please not "put anything in your bags if you brought a bag." So basically, they just told us not to steal.

9:14am: I've moved up! Now there's about ten people ahead of me.

9:15am: The staffer just said, "Just so everyone knows, what we have is out. There is no backstock."

9:17am: More boys have joined the line! A few people are coming out with brown shopping bags. Most of them have about two bags each.

9:20am: The staffer just said, "Credit cards only," and one girl asked if that counts debit. It does.

9:28am: I'm in!

Head this way for a full report on pricing and product.

Diptyque Sale

11 E 26th St New York NY 10010