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Inside the Heavenly-Smelling Diptyque Sale

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It's safe to say that the Diptyque sale on E. 26th Street is the best-smelling shopping event of the year so far. If you can summon the patience to wait out the line and the slow elevator ride, you'll wind up in a room scented with eight kinds of wonderful.

So how much does that wonderful cost? Here's the short version: Standard candles are $30, minis are $14. The slightly longer version: Room sprays are $30, with Pomander, Spice Plum, and Choisya scents being the most plentiful. Coffrets are $42. A 100ml bottle of cologne is $49, while 200mil will cost you $68, and 100ml of eau de toilette is $60. The best deal, or at least the least expensive item, was the soap, which ran $8 a bar.

Diptyque actually opened the sale a day early, but that didn't seem to affect the selection. Some of the scents were going fast—like the Thé candle—and mini candles are disappearing more quickly than standard candles, but for the most part, stock was pretty good. Do note, though, that they won't be replenishing: Everything they have is currently out on tables.

The sale lasts through tomorrow; payment is credit-card–only. As always, consult the dealfeed for hours and location.

Update: It looks like the sale was just shut down. We're investigating and hope to have more details soon.
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