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How to Get a Fashion Week Ticket if You're Not Lana Del Rey

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In honor of Fashion Week's first official day, the Daily News takes a look at how difficult it is for non-insiders to get into the shows. The article isn't geared for people who follow fashion closely, but it does include a few interesting details from top publicists.

Alison Brod confirms that Lana Del Rey is the dream front-row celebrity this season, although she probably won't make an appearance (she's supposed to be in LA this week.) And Kelly Cutrone says that she finds rows 4, 5, and 6 so superfluous that she's willing to auction them off for a good cause. "I have sold seats to my friends who are Harvard MBAs and gave the money to charity to a well in India," she tells the paper.

Even if you're not friends with a power PR, you could conceivably buy your way in. Garment District Diva rounds up some Fashion Week ticket packages, none of which are exactly cheap. If you're an AmEx cardmember (gold and up), you can buy tickets to their Lincoln Center Skybox to see shows from designers like DVF, Michael Kors, and Vera Wang. One show is $150, or you can get a two-show deal for $250. They're also offering access to MADE at Milk Studios shows, where $50 could get you in to two presentations.

Or, if you're feeling posh, look up the Carlyle Hotel's "Inside Haute" promotion, which gets you runway access, drinks with well-known designers, and a chauffeur for $6000 (rooms not included.) Then again, you could try to sneak in, though that also comes with a price: bad karma, not to mention possible humiliation if you get caught.
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