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Lauren Moffatt Sent Her Models Back to School for Fall

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Over on Racked National, they'll be covering Fashion Week's major players pretty obsessively for the next seven days. Here in New York, we're going to look at the week through a more local lens. First up: A presentation that uses New York's Catholic school history as a backdrop.

Lauren Moffatt showed her fall 2012 presentation this afternoon at The Old School, an events space in Nolita that used to be a school. Invitations were old-fashioned hall passes, and the show itself was split into two rooms: Art and Class. Models in the first room stood at easels working on their painting skills, while those in the second room sat at little desks or posed next to a periodic table of the elements. (We got there early enough to watch a stylist announce "The science girls need glasses!" and start handing out eyewear.)

The Old School comes by its name honestly; it was founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1822. Up until recently, it operated as Saint Patrick's Old Cathedral School, but the archdiocese closed it in June 2010. Class photos still line the halls; we stuck one in the slideshow above, just for atmosphere.
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