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James Perse Helps Lab Beagles Find New Homes

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Right now, the big front window of James Perse's women's store on Bleecker Street is filled with empty cages. It's not some new edgy aesthetic for the basics brand but a statement of support for the Beagle Freedom Project, a rescue group that helps find new homes for lab dogs. The project's beagles have spent their lives undergoing animal testing; some of them have never even been outside. Now, the BFP is trying to find them new homes, and James Perse is helping out. Buy a beagle t-shirt (they come in male and female varieties), and profits from the sale will go straight to the dogs.

· Beagle Freedom Project [Official Site]
· Beagle Freedom Project [James Perse]

James Perse

411 Bleecker Street New York NY