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Fashion Week Street Style; Shop Beauty Products from Your Cab

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NEW YORK CITY—The Cut runs down the ten pieces that should show up all over the street style blogs this Fashion Week. Remember last season's Prada glitter booties? These are the glitter booties of the future. And the future is now. [The Cut]

NEW YORK CITY—Starting this Thursday, Glamour will be initiating a five-day experiment in taxicab shopping. Fifty city cabs will get screens allowing shoppers to buy beauty products on the spot, provided they have the appropriate app on their smartphones. The cabs plan to congregate in Fashion Week-adjacent neighborhoods, so keep an eye out if you're near Lincoln Center or the Meatpacking District. Bonus: If you wind up in one of the experimental cabs, you get a free ride. The Yves Saint Laurent Facebook page has a video with more information, or you could get all the details from this Wall Street Journal article. [YSL/Facebook; WSJ]