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A Measured Mania for Jason Wu at the Queens Target

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There was no horde banging down the doors, nor was there much madness over the Jason Wu x Target debut at the Target in Queens early this morning. Instead, a determined mass of about 30 shoppers picked the section clean of sizes XS and S, all accessories, and all of the shirtdress with the pink, yellow and black stripes.

From the looks of it, the Queens Target scored the complete line. Rarest of all seemed to be the scarves, of course the only items in which we were personally interested.

Just past 8:30am, the latest Wu gossip was already spreading through the fitting room line. "The Flushing Target is already sold out!" "That woman is hoarding more than two of each style for the purses." "They get new shipments everyday but they 'never know exactly what's in the trucks.'"

What mania there was had calmed by 9:30am, as parties clutching their hangers had dispersed around the store to either detail their haul over bluetooth, or beat the fitting room queue by trying on items over clothing wherever there was a mirror.

The good: If you're a size L, XL or 16, there will more than likely still be a decent selection...for the rest of today, that is. Word is that all their stock was on the floor, after refilling the racks multiple times after opening at 8am. Skirts, cardigans and T-shirts are most numerous.

The bad:
As we said, don't even bother if you're smaller than a medium. Also, stay home if you were hoping for any of the bags or scarves (they are completely wiped out), or the cuter dresses, like the pink/yellow/black stripe shirtdress or navy blue nautical number with red and white stripes. The bulk of the leftovers are the T-shirts, which are really just blah filler pieces for the collection.
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